Serviced Offices for the summer with Venaspace Plymouth


Hello, I am Owain, the Community Manager for Venaspace Plymouth. Here are a few ways to help beat the current heatwave and enjoy the coming summer months with Venaspace Plymouth.

Our favourite way to beat the heat at Venaspace Plymouth – a cold Devon Rock 🍺 from Bays Brewery in our Member’s Hub. It is on a self-serve, chilled beer pump, so you can grab a pint any time to cool down.

As the record-breaking heatwave bites, we are glad that all of our offices have air conditioning, so you and your team can stay cool even during the hottest summer days! ☀️☀️ I have had it on 19 degrees to get a sense of normalcy.

As the weather cools down slightly this week, we have abundant outdoor space to enjoy. With a wild side left in to allow the local wildlife a good home, you can see deer, squirrels, rabbits, and loads of birds up close. I, personally, have been less than 6ft away from a stag when I went to the garden.

Venaspace Plymouth is fully taking shape and becoming the thriving business community we knew it would be when we started work on the project in January 2022. The Great British summer sun comes in everywhere, making all the offices light and airy providing the best place for you and your team to be productive and enjoy working.

The communal Member’s Hub fosters inter-business relations where new deals, professional partnerships, and personal relationships form. The space has a state-of-the-art bean-to-cup coffee machine with a built-in milk fridge to satiate the morning caffeine fix. An instant hot water tap for all tea lovers or to get your morning porridge or lunchtime ramen piping hot. There is ample breakout space to step away from your computer and recharge your creative batteries or relax on your lunch break. All in the cooled environment of The Apex.

All our offices come with plug-and-play capabilities, so you do not need to spend ages setting up desks, internet access, and access for your staff. You move in at 9 am on Monday and be up and running by 9.01 by connecting to your dedicated WiFi network. We can supply office furniture too to save you the hassle of moving tables and chairs into The Apex. We only provide the best quality, modern furniture. The desks are sleek, and the chairs are comfortable and fully adjustable to suit any back.

With versatile contracts to suit you and your company’s plans, we offer monthly rolling, 3, 6, or 12-month licences to allow you to grow as you want to without being confined to a space that fits you now and locking you into a long lease. We pride ourselves on flexibility and meeting our client’s needs as they come up. Have you just had a good quarter and have hired four more staff? We can create a custom space for you on the first or second floor where there are over 10,000sqft to grow.

Our hireable meeting and conference rooms come with all the video conferencing add-ons you will need to speak to new clients or colleagues worldwide. Do you need to nail a sales pitch to a big company? You can plug your laptop into the presenting screens and seamlessly show off your ideas and products.

These rooms are free to use for all clients in Venaspace Plymouth, log into your Nexudus booking app and make the reservation.

Even if you are not a client you can book these meeting rooms out at competitive prices and show that WOW factor to buyers and prospective business partners.

As more and more companies move in to create the vibrant atmosphere found in our other sites, Venaspace Plymouth will follow in Venaspace Exeter’s footsteps and host monthly networking events in the Member’s Hub from the Autumn onwards. These will be free for everyone to attend, make new connections in Plymouth, and experience Venaspace’s legendary hospitality.