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Based in The Mount, Exeter

£15 per hour, £80 per day - exc VAT

Our Orwell Room is an intimate space ideal for 1 to 1 usage or small meetings. It’s relaxing atmosphere is the perfect place to a make a great impression!


Based in The Mount, Exeter

£20 per hour, £100 per day - exc VAT

 Our slightly larger Huxley Room can accommodate between 4 to 6 people for private consultations and meetings

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Based in The Mount, Exeter

£80 per hour, £280 per half day, £495 per day - exc VAT

The H.G Wells Room, as the name suggests, is our largest Meeting and Event Space at The Mount. Featuring a theatre style layout and state of the art 4K projector the room can hold up to 70 people for any number of event types from large meetings, networking events, workshops and much more!


Based in The Mount, Exeter

Available after 5pm/ £400 (including a free barrel of beer!)

Looking to host an impactful evening event with some of the best amenities Exeter has to offer? Then you’re in the right place. Boasting room for over 20 guests, comfortable seating, a bar, sonos speakers, a pool table and more, The Rabbit Hole is the perfect space to impress your guests. Situated in our newly renovated basement area, the space is extremely private and ideal for social gatherings, networking events or parties. Plus, at no extra cost, we supply you and your guests with a free barrel of beer from our bespoke Rabbit Hole bar! Also, like all of our event spaces, a fantastic choice of succulent catering options are available. What are you waiting for?

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A successful event isn’t just limited to a fantastic space, top of the line technology and first class service. Food plays a massive part as well! Our locally sourced menu encapsulates every requirement you might have. From small nibbles to buffets, meat dishes and Vegetarian/Gluten Free dishes there’s an option for everyone!

Download our Menu below for a taster of what’s on offer and carry onto the booking page to place your order!


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If you’re not ready to make a booking, have further questions or want to tour our facilities then please do get in touch. Call us on 01392 401989 or email below…….

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