Exeter named UK’s second cleanest and proudest city

A new study carried out by builder’s merchant Buildworld considered a number of factors, including interest in recycling, best parks and green spaces, tidiness and cleanliness.

Exeter ranked second in the overall Neighbourhood Pride category, behind Preston in first place and ahead of St Albans, which came third. It was also ranked in second place nationally for how clean it is – beaten only by Durham.

Exeter City Council received first place for spending on environmental and regulatory services. The study revealed that the council spend 31.9% of funding on environmental services to improve the area.

Buildworld said: “The city of Exeter, located in Devon, is a city known for its prestigious educational institutions as well as beautiful architecture, and now for its neighbourhood pride.

Source: https://news.exeter.gov.uk/exeter-named-uks-second-cleanest-and-proudest-city/