Has an Earthquake hit The Mount!?

Another day and more carnage!

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Never the types to not go full throttle, we’re well and truly deep into our redesign of numerous areas within our latest property. The basement, which will become an exclusive members area with a bar, lounge areas and a pool table is (believe it or not) coming along at a break neck speed! Our designer is drawing up the plans for the industrial inspired interiors as we speak and hopefully by now all that glorious rubble has been removed.

On top of this our communal areas are about to undergo a much needed pick me up! This includes all of our conference and meeting rooms which will soon boast a versatility not a lot of local facilities can offer! We also have numerous floors being completely reconstructed to facilitate our latest clients at The Mount.

It’s not just the sound of builders and contractors filling the halls at The Mount either. We’re now approaching full capacity across all floors so that amazing buzz of community is growing faster each and every day!

It’s definitely an exciting time to be at The Mount with a lot of things to look forward too! If you’re looking for a completely tailored office experience in a fresh and forward thinking city centre building then please do get in touch whilst we have availability!


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