The Mount gains a Business Centre Manager!


It's been a very exciting time here at Venaspace. Along with the extension to our Wilson House, Bournemouth property we've been eagerly awaiting our big launch in Exeter! Along with big launches comes big change and we're extremely pumped to announce the latest addition to our Venaspace family...



Richard Manning

Business Centre Manager


Richard will be taking on the role of Business Centre Manager for The Mount and is keen to change the landscape of office space across Exeter with the rest of the team. With over 10 years experience in the Serviced Office and Conference Centre Sectors Richards enthusiasm and knowledge is something we were instantly drawn too.

Talent aside though Richard is also a top guy! We believe in the importance of personal passions and Richard has one of the most interesting out of hour interests! Business Professional by day Youtuber by night Richard currently has 21,000 Youtube Subscribers, 250,000 + monthly views and 4000+ combined Social Media followers

What else takes up Richards day you might ask? That would be Frank, his pet Tortoise who, yes you guessed it has his own social media presence aswell as a top secret, but very exciting upcoming youtube channel of his own. Who said Tortoises couldn't have it all?

Heading back to the day job Richard will be based at The Mount and is currently in the thick of getting his bearings of the building and fielding his many ideas for The Mounts future.

If you're looking for office space, a desk for yourself or a team, a venue for conference events or presentations or all of the above then drop Richard a line for more information. Alternatively, if you're local to the area and fancy a snoop or just fancy chatting with Richard about his Tortoise then give us a call or pop in! 

Stay tuned for more updates!


Richard Manning  
Business Centre Manager
M: 07957 629631
T: 01392 401989

The Mount
72 Paris Street
Exeter, Devon
T: 01392 401989