To Conference Or Not.....

Shhhh- we’re sharing the secret of a successful event –at the Mount-Exeter


2019 is off to a great start here at Venaspace! Claire Baker, our new Community Manager joined us at the start of the year and has already hit the ground running at our Exeter property! Stay tuned for a more in depth introduction to Claire next week. In the meantime soak up the following piece written by Claire regarding our Events & Meeting space at the Mount and how it can help you out in 2019!


Written By Claire Baker (CJ)


These days we don’t need to go physically to a “conference” to hear an expert, there is more than enough content available on the Internet. We can find out practically every minute detail from a few keystrokes on Google. So why do we go? 

As Community Manager here at The Mount- Exeter, this is the ultimate question. When I first entered the events management realm, I was oblivious and to be honest a little bit ignorant to the answer to this question. 

That being said, I believe there isn’t a definitive answer which applies to everyone. There are a lot of social and educational benefits which conferences bring to attendees, speakers and sponsors alike. No two events are the same and every event brings something new.

So what are the key things you need to consider to make your event a success that people want to go to?

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Location, Location, Location

Choosing the right venue is one of the most important things you are going to do for your event. It’s going to be a large part of what forms your delegates first impression, so it needs to be somewhere really special. Sometimes the local church hall or library just doesn’t cut it. Too far from local transport- big no-no. 

When you visit a venue for the first time, think about how you feel walking up to it, how easy it was to get to and of course the all-important on-site parking. Check out the Mount-Exeter events space – amazing and stylish need we say more?

Tech, Tech baby…

These days, delegates expect high end projector screens, high speed WiFi, video, live streaming, and no technical hiccups. Make sure your event doesn’t stand out for the wrong reasons and get the AV side of things perfect. It’s also worth asking about in-house tech support, they will know the equipment and what works well at the venue.  Take advantage of someone who knows where the VGA and the HDMI cables go and reduce any tech stress that will undoubtedly fall to you. 

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Did someone say food?

At the Mount-Exeter food is never far from our minds, or our tummies and we know that choosing the right food and drink for your event will ensure that your delegates are in a good mood and receptive- after all a fed delegate is a happy delegate. 

Choose the right package for your event – if you’re having a working meeting maybe limit the lunch to sandwiches and finger foods, and for an evening networking event why not break out the canapes and the Bolly.

And if I can give you only 1 piece of absolutely mission critical advice- never underestimate the effect of decent coffee on a room full of tired delegates. 


Rinse and Repeat

Why do we insist on doing exactly what we did last year? Same agenda. Same speakers.  Surely in all that time our business’ have progressed and done something new or innovative? Well then, the big tip is we need to reflect that in our events!

Revisit and Revise 

Its all over- phew! Time to sit down and go over what went well and what didn’t quite hit the spot.  Then take a break – kick back and relax but remember book early for next year, talk to us because here at the Mount- Exeter we know space, we know events and we can guarantee to help make those events memorable, successful and as painless as possible. 

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We look forward to hearing from you and wish you a Happy and Successful New Year! 

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