Happy Earth Day!

Let’s make Earth Day every day! 🌍

Our Priority across our Venaspace centres is to minimise our environmental impact and we are committed to creating eco-friendly working spaces.

🌱 We have recently installed 9 electric vehicle chargers in our new Plymouth centre ‘The Apex’ and we also have them at our Bournemouth locations – Wilson House and Venator!

♻️ We encourage recycling in all of our office spaces by providing recycling bins in each communal area.

☀️Solar systems have been installed at both of our Bournemouth locations, Wilson House and Venator House. This project, which was partially funded by @lowcarbondorset , will save tonnes of CO2 each year.

💡Our LED automatic lighting systems ensure no electricity is wasted and the lights are only on when you need them to be.

⚡️We use an electric company car to travel to and from venues, eliminating any unnecessary CO2 omissions.

🚚We use local companies for delivery of our goods to reduce carbon footprint (and we also love supporting local businesses as much as possible!)

🚲 And last but not least we have bike storage available to encourage people to cycle to work!